Upper Severn fishing report

BAA Fishing Report for Upper Severn Aberbechan/Penarth/Forden/Buttington Maginnis Bridge/Poolquay/Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn/Underdale

Mike and Ann Wood Fishing Report – 29 February 2020



Salmon season now open February 1st to October 7th inc’, sea trout March 20th to October 7th inc’.

First week of February river running perfect for time of year lots of anglers about trotting tactics for grayling, chub and dace with a lot of anglers fishing for pike. Good sport with the trotting guys with good catches of roach, dace and grayling being caught below Williams plant yard on the Penarth stretch. Then welcome Storm Ciara, river at Aberbechan rising 2 metres, but good news going down as quick as it comes up. By Wednesday 12th back to normal. The high water on the Severn in general will be very welcome for an early salmon spring run. River rising again on the 14th Storm Dennis playing havoc now that is the end of fishing for February, river running at its highest since 2011 3.8metres on at Aberbechan/Penarth.



First week of month river running perfect winter level second week 3.5metres on with Storm Ciara. Then comes along storm Dennis that’s the end of angling for February.

Anglers fishing lower Forden trotting tactics catching grayling, roach, dace, chub, and small barbel up till Storm Dennis arrives.


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

First week perfect conditions second week 4.5 metres on with Storm Ciara but then arrives Storm Dennis and end of fishing for February.

Anglers fishing ledger tactics for barbel and chub with one or two wandering trotting guys about, hard going first week of month with one or two small chub and barbel about with grayling and roach on the trotting. Record heights at Buttington Sunday 16th 5.3metres and rising that’s the highest since 2011.


Poolquay/ Maesydd& Rhyddesgyn

Conditions same as above, plenty pike fisherman about, with the trotting guys catching some nice bags of roach, chub and dace from the loop area until the storms came, end of fishing for February.



Completely unfishable record levels for Shrewsbury.







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