New lock, Evesham Common Rd

In an attempt to stop drug dealing and antisocial behaviour under the Bridge and in our car park along Common Road Evesham, a new padlock has been fitted to the gates under the railway bridge..

In the past the lock & chain has been sabotaged and stolen a number of times so a purpose build anti-theft box has been made.


A little care is required to use it. (its not as bad as it sounds)

  1. Dial in Combination. (On your membership card.)
  2. Pull the Black knob.
  3. You will hear a click.
  4. Reach inside box.
  5. Pull the chrome bar down.
  6. Remove chain.
  7. On entry and Exit always replace chain and push chrome bar back in.
Padlockcommon road.jpg
Common Road gate.jpg


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