Upper Severn fishing report October 2020

Aberbechan / Penarth

First of the month some excellent grayling to 1.5lb  and chub to 4lb being caught by some of our trotting anglers backed up with dace, roach, and perch.

River rising 2metres on the 3rd very coloured but still the odd angler about and catching silvers below bridge where Bechan Brook comes in, river rising even higher on 6th to 3metres on but drops very quickly around this area and down to 1.5metres by the 9th colour running off and looking good for Saturday the 10th. Saturday looking very good with less than a metre on and colour nearly gone.

Some very nice chub roach dace grayling now being caught on the 10th after high water in midweek the trotting anglers are having some very nice bags of silvers.

Local angler Dave Lister is catching some nice size pike with water levels holding about one metre on. Starting Monday 13th going in to weekend 17th water levels dropping down and excellent for time of year with lots more pike being caught to 14lb river running perfect now for time of year. Then the worst news we could imagine another lock down in Wales all waters to close from Friday the 23rd untill November 9th hopefully we can resume then.



Very coloured and high from the 3rd to the 5th rieing even higher on the 6th same as above but all good for Friday the 9th.

Tom Rushton one of our locals catching some very nice bags of silvers with chub to 5lb on his trotting tactics river fishing very well again now after high water in mid week.

As above moving towards weekend 17th river excellent condition with lovely bags of silvers being caught with some nice grayling to 2lb.


Forden / Upper / Lower

This area was very high and coloured the 3rd and 4th but yet again the odd one or two anglers still about. Its very hard fishing with floods and very cold water river dropping well around 10th but still hard going around this area. Coming to weekend 17th river excellent condition starting to fish well again for barbel to 7lb and chub to 5lb along with some very good pike to 15lb.


Buttington / Maginnis Bridge

Running about 3metres on and coloured on the 3rd but again anglers about but fishing very hard and slow. River rising to 3.6metres on Tuesday the 6th very coloured unfishable until Saturday the 10th dropping down with just a slight colour but fishing picking up again with silvers and the odd chub with a few barbel being caught but fishing is hard after floods with still about 1.5metres on going in to third week of month. Coming to weekend 17th river running perfect for time of year the trotting anglers are back in force catching some nice bags of silvers good size roach, dace, chub being caught along with some excellent grayling fishing by one of our regulars Ron Farmer.


Poolquay /Maesydd / @Rhyddesgyn /

This fishery has started of like it ended in September barbel being caught to 12.5lbs chub to 5.5lbs on the first day of the month.

On the second lots of rain bringing river levels 3metres on and very cloudy, but anglers about and catching in high conditions with anglers coming up all the way from Kent to fish our waters. Rising again on the 6th same as above but good for fishing on the 10th. Going in to third week of the month levels dropping down and river in excellent condition for weekend 17th, lots of anglers about fishing now picking up again with good catches of barbel to 9lb and chub to 5.5lb. The pike anglers are having a good time spining and dead bait tactics providing some good size pike to 12lb.

I would like to end our report for Powys Upper Severn by saying what a fantastic turn out we have had again considering it being a very short month, with floods and lock down on the 23rd. With over 200 anglers a month now visiting the upper Severn its good to see these areas now being fished to the potential we knew they were capable of and we haven't scratched the surface yet. So if any anglers who haven't been to the upper Severn, yet give Mike,  Ann or one of the team a ring and we can point you in the right direction to what type of fishing you would like to do and we have some very helpfull bailiffs Barry ,Will ,Mark, who will assist you if you require any help we look forward to seeing you all as soon as the fishing ban is lifted in Wales.



This area has been totaly unfishable from the 3rd until the 10th and the last week of the month with all the heavy rain and floods but coming to weekend 17th river looking good again with anglers now back on the banks there has been barbel to 7lb bream to 5lb with a few pike being caught to 13lb. This area has only been fishable for eight days out of the month.


Kind Regards Mike and Ann Wood






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