River Mease - river restoration.

The first phase of river restoration projects will kick off on the Mease next week (21st September 2020). The work is being carried out on the BAA stretch upstream of Netherseal.  There is also work happening further upstream at Measham and downstream with SCAA at Croxall and downstream of Edingale. It’s worth letting your members know so they are kept informed and up to date with what is going on around them.

We aim to get all the gravels in before the 8th October which is affectively our only ‘in channel’ works.  We will have some bank works, reprofiling and installation of large woody material to do after but we will be using silt mitigation and sedimats to protect the watercourse.  I have also asked for seeding to be carried out to get some cover on the bare soil. Grass will grow if temperature is over 5 Celsius so hopefully we will be lucky with the weather and get some cover before winter.  We expect the works will take a few weeks to deliver the full range of interventions.  The gravels are being delivered over the next two days at various sites along the catchment ready for next week.

Please could you share this information with your members so that they are aware of the works that are close by. 

Many thanks for your patience and interest.


Tracey Doherty

Biodiversity Officer

Environment Agency

Fisheries, Biodiversity, Geomorphology FBG Team

Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands part of West Midlands Area





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