Cotheridge to re-open for new season

The BAA fishery at Cotheridge will be available to members from 16 June, after being closed for the past three years. Problems arose from fly tipping at the site and from illegal occupation of the access track. Now, after delicate negotiation with adjoining landowners, we are pleased to announce that the fishery is to re-open.

A new gated entrance off the A44 has been provided, a short distance away from the old track and on a much safer bit of the main road.

This gate leads straight onto fields which contain livestock, so it is imperative that the gate is kept closed and locked at all times. There will be a BAA coded lock on the gate which must be closed after entrance or exit. If we fail to keep to this simple rule - the fishery will have to close again.

Once through the gate, turn left immediately and follow the track along the hedge line and down to our old car park. DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE FIELDS

A map showing the new access is shown below,

The "Where to Fish" page for Cotheridge will also be updated to reflect the changes.

Cotheridge map.jpg


New road access, this has space to pull in off the A44 so that you can open the gate and enter the fishery safely, you must close and lock the gate when through.



Visibility in both directions along the A44 is much improved making leaving the fishery much safer than before, again you must close and lock the gate when through.



When entering the gate into the fishery you must turn immediately left and follow the track alongside the edge of the field, do not drive across the field.




Turn right at the fence and drive along our original track to the car park, their is a fence alongside the left hand side of this track.




We have build a stile over this fence to give access to the downstream end of the fishery.



In the upstream field a new fence has been build alongside the riverbank, the farmer has put three gates in this fence giving anglers access to the river.



The Fisheries Team have also added 4 stiles over the new fence in addition to these gates to give greater access.



Please use the gates or stiles to get access to the river, do not damage the fence to gain access.







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