Fishing under power lines

We have been informed by Canal & River Trust, that anglers were found fishing on a BAA canal stretch under power lines. When informed of the danger of electrocution and that they should not be fishing there, refused to move.

Please be aware of the danger of electrocution and death due to fishing under power lines.

This is an issue at many of our fisheries, but especially on canals where many overhead power line run across or along canal towpaths.

  • Always observe prohibition notices

  • Never carry a rod vertically whilst walking along rivers or canals

  • Do not fish close to ANY overhead wires

  • Always look up BEFORE starting fishing

  • Fishing line and rods can conduct electricity

  • Waders or rubber boots may not protect you against shock

  • Remember overhead cables may be less that 20ft above the ground

  • Electricity can arc





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