2016 BAA bailiffing

Watch out, there's a bailiff about!

 As we approach the end of 2016, I am pleased to announce that BAA bailiffs have been to more places and checked more anglers than in any of the previous four years since I started in this role. We have carried out nearly 4000 visits and checked 6300 anglers during the course of the year, which is a great effort. Around 7% of those checked were non-members who were asked to leave our waters.

 We have a massive area with over 200 miles of bank to cover which is a big task and we know that bailiffs can't get everywhere, but we have a dedicated team of volunteers across the region who do their best to keep our fishing a safe and enjoyable experience.

 Next year will be another big challenge as we see the end of day tickets on Association waters. This will no doubt mean that bailiffs will come across an increased number of non-members on our waters. We try to deal with these situations firmly but fairly and quite often use them to recruit new members. It's only £40 per year and the best value around so no excuse to fish without membership. So, I would ask all members to spread the word to all anglers about the importance of having a membership card with them when fishing BAA waters and I ask you all to please support our bailiffs when they are carrying out checks on the bank. They are doing it on your behalf and for the love of fishing!

 I would like to end by thanking members for their support during 2016, wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope for tight lines in the New Year!


 Kevin Pearson

Superintendent Bailiff

Birmingham Anglers' Association



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