Coppice Lake dead fish report

We received a report on Thursday 24th March on our Facebook page of '2 dead carp and loads of roach' on the surface at Coppice Lake.

A Fisheries team member visited Coppice Lake on Friday 25th March, but found no dead fish at that time.

If you visit Coppice and see dead fish do not hesitate to contact the BAA to let us know, so we can take the required action.

The ways to let us know are;

  • A phone call to BAA HQ at Hagley 01562 882116
  • Outside business hours, Secretary's Mobile: 07976 886558
  • email to
  • Via our Facebook page
  • The Contact us facility on the BAA website (under 'The BAA' drop down on the home page)
  • Via the website forum


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