Upper Severn fishing report July 2021

The start of July has continued the way June ended, what a start we have had again, barbel to 15lb what a stunning fish (see website). Weather changes, rain on the 4th through to the 10th but giving us a nice drop of needed extra water really freshening the river up, but what a change, back to the hot sunshine and river dropping back down criticaly low until 23rd when we had some much needed water loosed out of the Clwedog Dam, it gave us about an extra 10inches and still holding steady. Aberbechan/Penarth down to Forden fishing slow with small silvers and chub not fishing to normal potential due to weather conditions. Buttington, Poolquay and Rhyddesgyn fishing very well for barbel, chub, and game fish with brown trout caught to 3lb and the odd salmon being caught to 16lb. Some nice bags of silvers around Poolquay area but not what we are used to due to the very hot weather conditions. All change on the 29th/30th rain very much needed bringing river back to a very good summer level with nice fresh water. Saturday 31st very good end to the month plenty of silvers being caught on all sections river very lively again with all the fresh water and a slight rise in levels. We have still had a very good turn out for July with very high numbers of anglers visiting the Upper Severn from all over the country with some excellent catches of barbel, silvers and game fish. Fishing very slow at Underdale due to low water levels just small bags of silvers and the odd barbel being caught. Tight Lines for August.

Regards Mike and Ann Wood





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