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Have a look at the Environment Agency River Levels webpage (see under Links at bottom of BA website home page or use link below).



The original page this link directs you to is no longer available, you end up at a page with links to;

River and sea levels in England

River and sea levels in Wales


On these pages you are presented with a map which you can navigate by inputting a postcode or directly moving around the map. You have to search for measuring stations on a river which you can click on to find the current river level plus graph of river level over past few hours (as before).

What do you think of the new system?

For our use in checking a river level at a location before travelling, I think the previous system was much better, navigation and finding the required information was easier. I have provided feedback to the EA using the link at the top of the new River and sea levels in England page.

These changes may be driven by the need to improve flood warning as a result of recent events, but I think they are a backward step for other users such as anglers.

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