Gates, locks and stiles

Ripple new gate and lock

Fisheries Team members went to Ripple and fitted a chain and BAA padlock to the new gate in the fence across access to the river bank/flood barrier.

The fence and gate has been fitted by the land owner to stop public access and dog walkers now that sheep are being grazed on the river bank.

It is important that members shut and lock the gate when using it to keep the sheep in and to prevent public access.




Bidford right bank new stile

Following a complaint from the land owner that our members were climbing over and knocking down the fence at various points to gain access to our weir pegs at Bidford right bank venue, two of the Fisheries Team have built a new stile for access to the weir.

If you look from the top car park the stile is situated between the life safety buoy and the welfare unit.

Members must now only access the weir via the stile and not climb the fence.





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