Coppice Lake dead fish report

Since our previous news item of the 10th April, reporting the inspection visit to Coppice Lake by two of the BAA Management Team and the resulting clean bill of health for the water. We have had further Facebook reports over the last weekend of dead roach.

The BAA is still of the opinion that the cause of these roach deaths is probably nature taking its course and that small, weaker roach often fall foul of changing climatic conditions at this time of year and there is no need for undue concern.

Our local bailiffs have been informed and are keeping an eye on the Lake and communicating with concerned anglers. Members have also been asking our bailiffs whether a keepnet ban is in force, nothing has changed but anglers should use their own discretion about whether to use a keepnet for roach if they are not happy about their condition.

Thanks to all who have taken the time and effort to report and update us about this occurrence please don't hesitate to keep us updated.


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