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Unfortunately I have had some very bad luck. 

While at my mothers house in the Mansfield area I had my vehicle broken into. This was just before 5:00am on 5th February with the vehicle right outside the window in a quiet cul-de-sac location.

The vehicle alarm sounding meant that they only grabbed the holdall and escaped with it before I got outside. 

Unfortunately some of my best (and no longer available) gear was in the holdall. 

Despite me paying a premium for insurance on the gear "away from home", the fact that it was in the car, restricts the claim to a maximum value. If I could replace the items at todays cost (which I can't) means that the maximum insurance claim value is less than half the true value (perhaps something that all of our members should be aware of, as I believed the extra premium I paid gave me total piece of mind).

Despite the incident being somewhat away from our patch, I wonder if you could publish this as a news item please? As most of the equipment is very rare and somewhat unique together, someone may be offered something, which could lead to its return. 

Obviously I was sickened by the incident at the time, particularly as I was just about to start a weeks holiday with some fishing. 

Nottingham Piscatorial society have published the detail on their website and I have offered £100 reward for any information which leads to its safe return. I will gladly extend this offer to BAA members if you would be kind enough to publish this please.

The list of stolen gear is below:

 Normark Microlite 2000 13ft Fishing Rod (no longer available)  

  1. Normark Titan 2000 13ft fishing rod with 2ft Normark original extension (no longer available) 
  2. 2 x Tricast trophy 11ft 4” feeder rods with 8 tips (no longer available)  
  3. Shakespeare sigma wand 10ft bomb rod original 1880 with 8 original tips (no longer available)
  4. 52 inch heavy duty fishing umbrella with tilt 
  5. 2 X Daiwa td2503cu fishing reel (no longer available)  
  6. 4 long steel bank sticks with screw thread 4 ft 
  7. Fox 3 piece strong landing net handle with short piece for carp unhooking
  8. Maver 3 piece take apart landing net handle  (No longer available
  9. Maver hard case 3 rod holdall

Many Thanks for your help 

Andy Hammerton.



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