Upper Severn fishing report

B.A.A Fishing Report for Upper Severn; Aberbechan/Penarth/Forden/Buttington Maginnis Bridge/Poolquay/Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn/Underdale.


Mike and Ann Wood Fishing Report 31 January 2020



River very high first two weeks of new year running 2.5 metres on third week 1.5 metres on and normal winter level final week of January.

Still plenty of anglers about pike fishing and trotting, it’s been a bit slow with the water being so high but a few pike have been caught with some nice grayling and sea trout from the trotting guys one or two nice pictures for the website. One of our regulars at Aberbechan spinning for pike caught two lovely salmon by the weir, one about 8lb and one about 12lb, they were returned safely .



River hard to fish been very high a few anglers about pike fishing with pike to 7lb being caught .


Buttington/Maginnis Bridge

This area again very high averaging 4 metres on, still anglers about mainly pike fishing and catching pike to 12lb, with a few anglers using trotting tactics catching but very hard going.



This area again running very high most of the month with a few anglers about mainly pike fishing.



Just too high to fish bank high most of the month, no anglers.



As we have seen, getting things in order with the upper Severn and adding Penarth along with new car parks we have seen the rewards in anglers visiting throughout the year, we have had an increase in anglers again this January compared to January 2018 and 2019 .




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