2018 BAA membership rates

For the 4th year the cost of BAA membership in 2018 will remain unchanged.

The cost will also be the same however you buy it, the surcharge for on-line purchase has also been removed.

2018 membership will be available to buy from Thursday 16th November and you will be able to fish with it immediately.

2018 membership costs are;

Full Membership
(Adult Male / Female of 17 years and under 65 years) £40

Senior Membership
(Adult Male / Female of 65 years or more) £30

Junior Membership
(Child of 10 years and under 17 years) £15

Family Membership
(Husband, Wife or partner, two children under 17 years)* £80

Infant Membership
(Child under 10 years) £2

Non-Fishing Membership
(Male / Female of any age, allowed to be present at Association waters but not allowed to fish)** £5

* In the case of Family membership, we will only require one name and address.
** Non-Fishing membership entitles the member to be present at, or to accompany, a Full / Senior / Junior / Infant member on Association waters, but under no circumstances may they fish themselves

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