New BAA fishery opens Saturday 29th April

Retreat Farm Fishery opens for BAA members this Saturday 29th April.

The fishery includes 3 pools, 2 of which (Pools 1 & 2) have just been stocked with carp, crucians, roach, rudd and bream. Pool 3 will be stocked when the water level has been increased. Pools 1 & 2 will be available to fish from Saturday.

The Fishery also includes a right bank stretch of the Severn from the downstream end of our existing Grimley water to opposite Bevere Island a few hundred yards from Bevere Lock. This will be available to fish from the start of the river season on the 16th June.

Access and parking is easy.

I have created 2 Retreat Fishery Where to Fish pages on the website, one for the River Fishery under the Severn section and another for the Pools Fishery under the Pools section. Have a look for details of access and loads of pictures.



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