Retreat Farm parking - update

To prevent anglers driving and parking past the 'No cars past this point' sign, a post restricting access has been put in the track. A 'Park Here' sign has also been placed alongside the track where anglers who want to fish upstream can park and walk to their chosen pegs.

The chain and padlock on the gate has also been replaced.

 Retreat Car.jpg

Retreat Parking.jpg


Our bailiffs are getting reports that anglers are driving their vehicles along the riverside track at Retreat Fishery past the 'No cars past this point' sign. Recently a number of cars were parked at the upstream end of the track, this has resulted in arguments with other anglers who have had to move gear when these cars needed to get past.

If you want to fish the upstream end of the Severn at Retreat you will need to park your vehicle in the field and walk up the track to your chosen peg.

31 - No cars past here!

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