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5th Mar 2021

Environment Agency communication

Notification of the consultation regarding new byelaw proposals to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn catchment.

5th Mar 2021

Lost a rod section at Ripple?

Bailiff Pete Jones found a Rod section Thursday 4th March, it looked as if it had been placed by a tree and then forgotten.

3rd Mar 2021

Eastham Bridge take care

Large hole in entrance to Eastham Bridge car park.

1st Mar 2021

Nordley pools 1 & 2 access

Poor state of access down Stocking Lane to car park.

22nd Jan 2021

‘Watch out there’s a bailiff about’

Update on the work our bailiffs have been doing over the past 12 months.

5th Jan 2021

Angling lock down ban lifted by government

The lockdown ban on angling in England has been lifted by the government.


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