Birmingham Anglers Association Fishing Report Upper Severn


Aberbechan/Penarth/Abermule/Forden/Buttington/Maginnis Bridge/Poolquay/Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn/Underdale

August 31st

Mike and Ann Fishing Report

Welcome to August fishing report everyone for the Upper Severn Powys what a contrast in the last two weeks we are back in a heat wave temperatures back in 30s water levels going down less water coming from Clewedog and by 25th we are looking at serious low water levels needless to say very few anglers about ,There has been one or two regulars and locals fishing but mainly fly fishing and with the course anglers not a lot being caught small chub and dace and the odd barbel but needless to say not a lot being caught due to the  heat .With water temperatures hovering between 18c and 21c with lots of algie appearing in low areas we have had beetween .225 and .500mm being our highest water level at Aberbechan so not good . There has been a few anglers down at Forden and Poolquay fishing the deeper areas but still very quiet and slow as you would expect with these conditions anglers down by two thirds to what we would normally expect at this time of the year so all we can hope for is plenty of rain to give our rivers a very good flush through and higher river levels. keep safe tight lines and look forward to seeing more anglers and water in September all the best Mike and Ann.

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