Marlcliff Weir

The Avon Navigation Trust have been carrying out repair work to the Marlcliff Weir.

This has involved:

  • Placing stone behind the full width of the weir.
  • Removal of trees and vegetation from the weir island.
  • Removal of trees along the opposite bank from the weir upstream too opposite our car park.
  • Diverting the main flow over the weir along the far bank away from our bank and the lock to minimise erosion.

Weir after repair work

FBD27AC9-5951-4456-8D9A-4F81808B6132.JPG  FullSizeRender.jpg

EEA825F6-9212-4E6F-A286-587BA33A3EBB.JPG  E5EB9D67-7F17-4702-9681-F52A6210937E.JPG



Cutting back on the far bank

C63797ED-A622-44B0-9A4C-9E15C1E97275.JPG  A01A4911-7962-4509-BF32-FA4E4E03BB56.JPG

The work carried out on the weir has resulted in an increase in the level of the river upstream, measured at 6 inches at Bidford Measuring Station.

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