Hampton Loade LB parking

The following update has been added to the Hampton Loade LB page in Where To Fish;

Please note: That from the start of 2016/17 season, the NT has decided to lock the gate to their car park at Hampton Loade Left Bank as follows;

  • Start of season to 31st August – gate locked at 9pm, unlocked at 8am.
  • September 1st to end of season – gate locked at 7pm, unlocked at 8am.

Members will need to cease fishing and vacate the car park prior to the gate being locked.

The NT is to fit a combination lock on the gate to the car park, with the number being changed regularly. We are not allowed to publish this number, however it will be available via a phone call to either the BAA office on 01562 882116, or the Secretary on 07976 886558. Members may continue to access this fishery in early morning prior to 8am (code required), as per our current bye-laws; i.e. One hour before sunrise.

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