Blackstone memorial bench

The BAA has placed a bench at our Blackstone fishery in memory of Dave Jones and Rod Wilson.

Dave, who lead the Fisheries Team from the front for many years, ensuring all our fisheries were well maintained and available for our members, he was also a member of the Executive Committee.

Rod was a BAA bailiff covering the Bewdley area where he was well known to local anglers. He was seen at Blackstone on a daily basis in his 4x4 along with his wife Trish and his dogs, checking the fishery.


Fitting the memorial bench at Blackstone 10.5.19.jpg

Fisheries team members, Dave Gumbley, Glyn Price-Hunt, John Flood and Dennis Hawthorne securely fixing the bench in place


Memorial bench at Blackstone 10.5.19.jpg

Rod Wilson's widow Trish (centre) along with Sean Pailing, Glyn and Mary Price-Hunt, Dave Gumbley, Dennis Hawthorne and John Flood.









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