Cleeve Prior old mill

Our intrepid Fisheries Volunteer and Bailiff Colin Townsend has been working with the Cleeve Prior Parish Council and other agencies recently which has resulted in the clearing and opening up of our car park there. As a result Colin has obtained a number of pictures of the mill when it was still standing which may be of interest.

Mill from over the Avon



Closer view of the mill



Touch of the Hay Wain here, horse and cart using the old diagonal ford before the river was diverted, mill in the background.



The old mill



Looks like weekend visitors to the mill in the 1930s from the look of the cars.



Now on a slightly different tack, a while ago we had a news item on the Spigot Mortar pit that is in the middle of our field just downstream of the bridge at Pershore. These were installed in World War 2 to defend key items such as the bridge in case of invasion. Below is a picture of a Spigot Mortar in use in WWII and the base of one which can be seen at Bretforton crossroads.






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