Race along the Severn & Staffs-Worc Canal

The Stourbridge Running Club is holding it's annual Bridge to Bridge via port 2017 race on the 16th September.

The race starts at 10am at Bridgnorth and is routed as follows;

Bridgnorth to Bewdley - River Severn right bank.

Bewdley to Stourport - River Severn left bank.

Stourport to Stourton - Staffs Worcester Canal

Stourton to Stourbridge - Stourbridge Canal

If you plan to fish the middle Severn right bank, Blackstone or the Staffs Worcester Canal on Saturday 16th September you may see a number of runners passing by.

If you are fishing the Staffs Worcester Canal, please do not block the tow path with tackle and the end of your pole when the runners are passing.

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