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3rd Jul 2020

Welsh waters open from July 6th

BAA's Welsh waters will be open for angling from Monday 6th July.

3rd Jul 2020

Buy the Guide to Waters 2021 on-line

You can now buy the BAA Guide to Waters 2021 booklet on-line separately without having to purchase membership.

3rd Jul 2020

Upper Severn fishing report June 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan /Penarth /Abermule /Forden /Buttington /Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd /…

3rd Jul 2020

Hallow access blocked-update

Blockage to access to the downstream car park at Hallow has been cleared.

23rd Jun 2020

Fladbury weir island locks

Update - members not locking/scrambling BAA locks recently fitted to access gates to weir island.

19th Jun 2020

Catch & release for Salmon extended.

Emergency Bye Law to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn extended to 15th December 2020.


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