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12th Jul 2019

Eardington gate lock

Eardington Brook Section gate lock chain replaced and upgraded.

11th Jul 2019

Algae at Stubbs

Recent outbreak of algae at Stubbs Pool has made it temporarily unfishable.

11th Jul 2019

Waterways walk

St Richards Hospice waterways walk Sunday 4th August along; Droitwich canal, River Severn and Birmingham Worcester canal

7th Jul 2019

Stacklands permit to fish

Requirement for permit to fish suspended.

25th Jun 2019

Severn Salmon fishing emergency byelaw

Emergency byelaw on Severn for the remainder of the Salmon season until 7th October

25th Jun 2019

Giant Hogweed at Stourton Castle

Giant Hogweed growing alongside our Stourton Castle fishery


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