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Hampton Loade LB car park locking

The NT volunteers have changed the Hampton Loade LB car park lock code and are locking the gate at dusk every evening.
Due to ongoing loss of the combination lock on car park gate, the National Trust volunteers have decided to change the padlock combination and lock the gate at dusk every evening.…

Access to Wood Norton blocked

Road works blocking access to Wood Norton car park.
The A44 across the access to our car park at Wood Norton is single lane under traffic light control due to road works. The access to the car park has also been blocked by plastic …

Latest on Coppice leak fix

The work to fix the leak has been completed and the fishery re-opened. Click on title above to see the latest status report
Colin and Robo called at Coppice Lake on Friday 28th to check on the leak fix. Water is running into the lake from the pipe feed from the stream. There is very little water in …

Uckinghall Pool re-opened

Pictures of the repaired bank have been added to the Uckinghall photo gallery.
The repair work to the bank at the south end of the pool has been completed and has been re-opened for fishing from Friday 14th August. Pegs to be constructed on the bank.

Newhalls Meadow Image Gallery

Pictures of all the pegs have been added to the Newhalls Meadow Image Gallery.
Pictures of all the pegs have been added to the Newhalls Meadow Image Gallery. You will find them under the Where to Fish drop down on the website main menu.   Or click on t…

Volunteers needed

The Fisheries team needs more volunteers.
The Fisheries Working Party urgently needs more volunteers to boost its numbers. Currently there are just ten members who turn out regularly to ensure that anglers have safe an…

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