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Northwood Lane car park - lock fitted

A combination lock has been fitted to the Northwood Lane car park gate.
Due to problems with tipping and drug abuse, we have fitted a combination lock (3590) to the Northwood Lane car park gate. The Where to Fish page for this fishery has also been…

EA News Letter etc

EA Newsletter, Still Water Fishery warm weather advice and some apps for your smart phones
Dear Angling club Please find attached the summer Severn Angling Newsletter which your members may find of interest. I’ve also attached some general summer advice for still …

Keys found at Nafford

Have you lost a key at Nafford car park?
One of our members found this key in the car park at Nafford on Wednesday 22nd June. The member will be happy to post them to the owner's home address. If they are yours…

More Wasperton ruts

Anglers driving along muddy bank and creating new ruts.
As per our recent news item, the track along the bank at Wasperton has been graded to remove the ruts. Unfortunately after the recent wet weather the banks are muddy and new ru…

Claines - conservation grazing

2 fields next to our fishery at Claines now used for conservation grazing
The two fields alongside our Claines Fishery are now being used for 'conservation grazing' by the nearby Hawford Farm in partnership with the Canal & Rivers Trust. The rough an…

Stacklands - permit to fish

Stacklands - permit to fish
Birmingham Anglers Association River Wye - Stacklands Owing to the unprecedented demand from members seeking to fish the River Wye at Stacklands and in order to regulate the num…

Wasperton ruts

Ruts in bank at Wasperton have been removed
As many of you will be aware, the track along the river bank at Wasperton, Manor Farm has become badly rutted due to the number of vehicles using it especially when it's muddy. …

Pershore WW2 defences

Remains of WW2 defences in BAA field
Colin Townsend one of the Fisheries Team has supplied this interesting item regarding how Pershore was part of a line of defence created during WW2 as a result of the risk of inva…

Early season contests

Summer cut back of river fisheries
The Fisheries Teams are currently working hard on our river fisheries to prepare them for the start of the season, this involves cutting back vegetation and trimming trees around …

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