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New fish for Retreat Farm Pool 2

250lb of carp put in Retreat Farm Pool 2
250lb of carp have just been put into Pool 2 at Retreat Farm. The fish weighted an average of 2lbs and are a mix of commons and mirrors. The fish were healthy with none dist…

Cormorant or Goosander?

Latest Angling Trust campaigns update.
Seen a cormorant or goosander? Please let Angling Trust know! Angling Trust needs your help, click on the link below for more information and a way to report your cormorant or …

Missing Person

Matthew Gill.
I have had requests from two people to post the following Missing Person notices on our website and Facebook page. Matthew Gill has been missing since the 6th October and was last…

Lost your specs?

Pair of glasses found in Coppice car park.
A BAA bailiff has found a pair of spectacles in Coppice Lake car park.   If they are your glasses please get in touch with the BAA who will put you in contact with the baili…

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