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Evesham Common Rd

Evesham Common Rd fishery access improvement.
    The Council / Highways dept have re-established the board walk access to our Evesham Common Rd waters, the car park has also been cleared. The drive up the trac…

BAA AGM 2019

BAA 2019 AGM detail and agenda.
The Annual General Meeting of members of Birmingham Anglers Association will take place at The Venue, (Centennial Centre) 100 Icknield Port Rd. Rotton Park, Birmingham B16 0AA at …

Lost a landing net?

Landing net found at the Danery on the river Severn.
Member Rob Shuttleworth has found a landing net at the Danery, if it's your landing net please contact BAA HQ (01562 882116) and they will supply you with Rob's email address so y…

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