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Wasperton mud

Risk of vehicles gettin stuck at Wasperton.
One of our members, Paul Rhodes has reported that the bank at Wasperton is very muddy due to the recent rain. He got stuck there for a couple of hours last Thursday and was lucky …

Windy at Coppice

Wind and rain at Coppice
Looks as if It was a bit windy at Coppice last night (Tuesday 17th November)! Good news the water level has risen 8" in the last two weeks with the two inlet pipes running w…

2015 AGM minutes

Click on the link above for access to a copy of the 2015 AGM minutes.
Click on the link below for a copy of the BAA 2015 AGM minutes.   AGM 12.11.15.pdf

Bidford bridge re-opened

Bidford bridge re-opened on 3rd November.
Bidford Bridge over the Avon has been repaired and re-opened to traffic on Wednesday 3rd November.   The bridge may be closed for additional work between the 18th and 20th N…

It's muddy at Fladbury!

Access track to downstream meadows at Fladbury is very muddy due to farm and anglers vehicles. More pictures added!
The track across the field to the downstream meadows at Fladbury is very muddy due to farm and anglers vehicles. We suggest you leave your car either on the hard standing on the t…

Avon canoe race

Sunday November 15th, canoe race from Stratford to Bidford. This may impact fishing at Barton & Bidford
THE AVON DESCENT 2015 STRATFORD to BIDFORD on AVON, organised by MERCIA CANOE CLUB. Date: Sunday November 15th 2015 Start:12.00 p.m. Course: 10.25 miles downstream to Bi…

Stacklands gate locked

The gate into the field at Stacklands has been temporarily locked as the field is very muddy.
We have had reports on the Forum that the access gate into Stacklands has been locked. On investigation by our local bailiffs, the farmer, or his daughter have locked it becaus…

Salmon at weirs

Information sheet on why salmon jump at weirs.
Dear Angling club, Recently salmon jumping at weirs in the River Severn has been highly publicised.  We have been receiving a lot of questions about why the salmon are jumping,…

Angling Trust update 2 November 2015

Six retired police officers join Angling Trust's fight against fisheries crime.
Click on the link below to see the latest update from The Angling Trust giving details of 6 retired police officers who have joined the Angling Trust to help in the fight against …

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