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Stacklands access

Road works blocking access
HFDS council have put a roadsign up that the whole of the road down to Sellack boat and back up round the block will be closed from 23rd June to 2nd July. It looks like it’ll be a…

Car removed from Stubbs Pool

Car dumped in Stubbs Pool removed.
A big thank you to local Baillif Steve Middleton who arranged for a mate to remove an abandoned car from Stubbs Pool.       

Closure of Chadbury fishery

Chadbury fishery closed from start of season on 16th June 2021.
Due to the loss of access to much of the Chadbury fishery and the continuing problems with fly tipping in the car park, the BAA has reluctantly decided that it no longer constitut…

Upper Severn fishing report May 2021

Fishing report for Upper Severn from Underdale to Aberbechan.
Very good start on the 1st/2nd May, lovely sunshine, plenty anglers about fly fishing catching lovely trout and grayling to 2lb on the Aberbechan /Abermule stretch. Then came the …

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