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Giant Hogweed

Dangers of Giant Hogweed. Re-posted this article from 2015 to remind anglers.
In the press recently have been articles on the dangers of exposure to Giant Hogweed, especially when the sap of the plant gets onto the skin and is exposed to sunlight which can …

Fishing contests go-ahead

Fishing contests get government go ahead subject to social distancing
The government have agreed that fishing contests can restart immediately subject to the use of Angling Trust guidelines. To view the Angling Trust guidelines, click on the link…

Rail crossing at Charlton

Rail crossing to access Charlton 1, 2 & 3.
The pedestrian access to Charlton meadows 1, 2, & 3. (Charlton weir) which has been closed for a number of months is now finally open.  Cracking venue if you can make it back u…

Lower Moor changes

Lower Moor new gates and access.
The land owner at Lower Moor has fenced off the fields from the river leaving the public to use the path and stiles. The land owner has had persistent problems with dog walkers…

Upper Severn fishing report April 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan /Penarth /Forden /Buttington /Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / @Rhyddesgyn
Fishing Report 30 Aprill 2020   With all the gorgeous weather we are having and no game anglers because of the lockdown, its very interesting to see as we look after our wat…

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