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Birds Meadow track

The track down the slope to the river has been resurfaced.
The track down the slope to the River Severn at Birds Meadow has been resurfaced. Track looking towards the river before resurfacing.   The track looking up the slope afte…

Eastham Bridge collapse

Eastham Bridge collapses into River Teme.
As reported in the news today, the bridge across the River Teme at Eastham has collapsed into the river. This may affect access to our car park at Eastham Bridge when the rebui…

The Close Season

The answers to your Close Season questions.
THE BIRMINGHAM ANGLERS ASSOCIATION LIMITED   COARSE FISH CLOSE SEASON   In response to numerous requests for information regarding the close season, here is a brief outline…

Teme catch records request

PHD student requests help from BAA members on research on River Teme barbel
As part of research for a PhD with Bournemouth University, focusing on barbel in the River Teme. Catherine Gutmann Roberts has requested assistance from the BAA and a number of oth…

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