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Uckinghall fallen trees

Uckinghall fallen trees have been removed
The Fisheries Team returned to Uckinghall on Wednesday 27th April to deal with the fallen trees after the failed visit a couple of weeks before when the Severn and as a result Uck…

Wasperton trees

Trees on opposite bank cut down
Went to Wasperton (Manor Farm) on Saturday 23rd April to do the annual check of all the platforms and steps to see what repair work is required before the start of the new season i…

Coppice Lake dead fish report

Further update
Since our previous news item of the 10th April, reporting the inspection visit to Coppice Lake by two of the BAA Management Team and the resulting clean bill of health for the wate…


Temporary closure
Due to a severe problem of fly tipping at Cotheridge, we have decided to temporarily close the fishery. We are working with the various authorities to stop this and get the sit…

Severn Bore

How far up the river does it go?
I always thought that the Severn Bore was a phenomenon of the estuary and spring tides, declining to nothing around the Gloucester area. As I reported in an earlier news item abo…

Angling Trust Midlands Fisheries Forum

Special Fisheries Forum to discuss The EA and Severn Rivers Trust “Unlocking the Severn for People and Wildlife” project.
  Midlands Fisheries Forum (Severn) Due to a huge amount of interest from anglers the Angling Trust is hosting a Special Fisheries Forum to discuss The Environment Agency and Sev…

Uckinghall Pool

Dealing with fallen trees
The Fisheries Team went to Uckinghall Pool today Wednesday 13th April to deal with the fallen trees. Unfortunately due to the water level in the Severn and the pool being up se…

Coppice Lake dead fish report

Following various reports on Facebook, two BAA Fisheries representatives visited Coppice on Friday afternoon 8th April. They walked the entire pool, spoke to the four anglers fishi…

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