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Coppice bank muddy & slippery

Repaired bank at Coppice muddy and slippery after recent rain.
We have been informed that the repaired bank at Coppice Lake is very muddy and slippery after the recent rain. Please do not use this bank for the time being until it has dried ou…

Car vandalism

Members car damaged in Hampton Loade LB car park
Spoke to a bailiff on Hampton Loade left bank. He warned me that I shouldn't park there if there was a chance I would not get back by 9pm.  The car park that is 'controlled' by Na…

AT Fisheries Forum Wednesday 21st June.

Angling Trust Midlands (Severn) Fisheries Forum Wednesday 21st June
Click on the link below for full details and a link to register your attendance.…

Blackstone track extension

Track extended along meadow 1 into meadow 2
The stone track that previously went about halfway along the bank in Meadow 1 has been extended right along the bank in that meadow and into the start of Meadow 2. The dip in the…

Arley LB car park

Notice on Arley LB car park gate that it is locked at 7pm each evening
According to a notice at the car park, Arley Estates are locking the gate to the Left Bank car park at 7pm each evening. To avoid getting locked in please make sure your car is no…

Wasperton - ruts & parking

Update on the latest work at Wasperton
Due to the ruts in track along the river bank making vehicle access difficult and resulting in some cars getting stuck, the following work has been done; Upstream from where t…

Weed reduction - update

Latest on the weed treatment of our pools.
We have used Dyofix  (blue dye) in both Uckinghall and Stubbs Pool, at this time it does look to be effective in Stubbs Pool with no surface weed and a reduction of weed growth fro…

Coppice fix update

Pictures of work done to date
The work at Coppice is to repair the leaks in the far bank and to repair and prevent further erosion to the dam. The leak repair work has been carried out initially and pictures a…

Holt Fleet parking

Improved parking at Holt Fleet
The Canal and River Trust have done a great job providing safe and easy parking for approximately ten cars at Holt Fleet (note weight restriction's on the photographs) Anglers…

Pershore trees thinning

Thinning of trees in wood on Pershore Right Bank
We have arranged with a company to thin out the trees in our wood in meadow 2 on Pershore Right Bank. The work will involve the thinning of the trees in the section of the wood…

Midlands Fisheries Forum

Midlands Fisheries Forum Warwickshire Avon Special 13th June.
Midlands Fisheries Forum Warwickshire Avon Special 13th, June, 2017     Ramada Hotel, Kenilworth   Click on the link below for more information; http://anglingtrust-ne…

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