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Fisheries work at Doddenham

Fisheries Team work at Doddenham 26th March 2018
Two members of the Fisheries Team called to Doddenham today to remove a tree from the water and build two stiles, one to link Doddenham and Broadwas fisheries and the other to giv…

New lock & chain for Stubbs/Cleeve Prior.

New lock & chain for Stubbs/Cleeve Prior access.
A new lock and chain have been fitted to the gated access to Stubbs Pool and Cleeve Prior 3-8. The 'Where to Fish' pages for these two fisheries have been update with instructi…

Environment Agency newsletter

Make time to go fishing!
Click on the link below to read the latest newsletter from the Environment Agency. …

All aboard at Coppice!

Fisheries on the island at Coppice.
Following a report of a goose tangled in fishing line on the island at Coppice Pool, two of our volunteer working party members set sail on a rescue mission in the BAA boat. They…

Angling Trust Campaigns Update

Do you fish for salmon in England? Have your say on new exploitation controls for 2018!
Click on the link below to view the Angling Trust Campaigns update.

Angling Trust/Fish Legal Member News

Angling Trust/Fish Legal Member News 8th March.
Click on the link below to view;

Knowle Sands 3&4 access

Gate on access road to be locked from end of this week.
The farmer who controls the access to Knowle Sands 3 – 4 is going to start locking the gate halfway along the track before you reach our car park and the sewerage works from the e…

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