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Retreat Farm Pools, CLOSED

Retreat Farm pools being fished despite closure. UPDATE: pools 1&2 pools closed signs replaced.
The BAA has had a report from EA staff dealing with monitoring Retreat Farm pools that when they turned up there recently, members were fishing in pool number 2. The “Pools Closed…

Bidford litter

BAA bailiff reports litter at Bidford
I was at Bideford on Saturday and the only angler on the river (it was stretch at the back of church). On arrival I took a walk along the bank and found several meat cans and empt…

Events at Bolehall Manor Club

September events at Bolehall Manor Club affecting car park access.
We have been informed that the following events at the Bolehall Manor Club will impact the availability of parking at our Bolehall Fishery;   Friday 7th to Sunday 9th Septem…

Fishing at Stacklands

Update on the temporary suspension of fishing
With reference to the suspension of fishing at our Stacklands Fishery on the River Wye, that was put in place on the 26th July due to the very low water level and dissolved oxygen…

Items found at Wasperton

Items found at Wasperton, Sunday 5th August
The items in the picture below were found by angler Martin Bolt at Wasperton on Sunday 5th August. If they are yours please contact BAA HQ to arrange their return?     …

Latest News from Angling Trust & Fish Legal

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EA 2017 Fish Population Survey Reports

Environment Agency Fish Population Survey reports for the Avon, Lugg and Severn.
Below are Environment Agency reports of 2017 fish population surveys for the rivers; Avon, Lugg and Severn.   Avon Coarse Fish report 2017.pdf   Lugg coarse fish repor…

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