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Lost property

Spinning gear lost at Fladbury.
I came down to Fladbury on the 18th lure fishing. We moved off somewhere else to fish and realised only last week I’d lost or left my lure gear there. It’s a small green bag…

Ken Aske

Funeral will take place on Tuesday 19th December at Robin Hood Cemetery, Birmingham at 12.30pm.
The BAA has been informed that Ken Aske passed away earlier this week. He has been in a nursing home for some time, but was taken to hospital where he passed away peacefully. …

Pollution incident at Arley

Report of pollution upstream of footbridge on right bank.
Our bailiff at Arley Harbour Waters, has reported an incident of pollution on the River Severn today, Thursday 14th December. It is just upstream of the footbridge on the right ba…

Angling Trust media release

Angling Trust seeking ‘Super Veterans’ for first ever FIPSed World Angling Championship
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Cleeve Prior pictures

Cleeve Prior picture gallery updated.
In the 'Where to Fish' area of the website, the picture gallery for Cleeve Prior on the River Avon has just been updated with pictures showing access and pegs in the car park area…

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