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New lock, Evesham Common Rd

New lock and anti theft mechanism fitted at our car park on Common road Evesham.
In an attempt to stop drug dealing and antisocial behaviour under the Bridge and in our car park along Common Road Evesham, a new padlock has been fitted to the gates under the ra…

Lost set of scales

Set of scales lost at either Severn Stoke or Arley Harbour.
Mark Willis has posted on the BAA facebook page that he has lost a set of scales and sling, he is not to sure if they were lost at Severn Stoke or Arley Harbour. If you have fo…

Aberbechan closed temporarily

The two car parks at Aberbechan that were temporarily closed HAVE NOW BEEN RE-OPENED.
The two BAA car parks either side of the road that crosses the river bridge have been temporarily closed, probably for the weekend Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th January. BOTH CA…

Lock combination change

All the BAA access lock combinations have been changed for 2020.
2020 BAA combination lock change.  Members of the fisheries team were out on new years day replacing, oiling, resetting and fitting chains & combination padlocks at our venues.  …

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