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The BAA Fisheries team is looking for more volunteers to help maintain and develop our extensive number of waters.
The BAA Fisheries Team works all year round maintaining and developing our extensive number of waters and we always need additional volunteer members to help with the workload. T…

EA Fisheries Team News

Latest News from the Environment Agency
Click on the hyperlink below to read the latest news from the Environment Agency Fisheries Team;…

2017 EA rod licences

Rod Licences for 2 & 3 rods
As mentioned in an previous Latest News post, 2017 EA rod licences will be available for 2 or 3 rods. Don't forget that BAA bye-laws only permit the use of a maximum of 2 rods …

Rubbish and rats at Coppice Lake

Rat holes in banks at Coppice Lake causing leaks.
We have a problem at Coppice Lake with leaks in the banks causing a loss of water, we repaired a leak last year and now have some new ones. We believe the leaks are due to rats bur…

Angling Trust Member News

Angling Trust Member News for Thursday 9th March.
Ctrl + click on the hyperlink below to view the 9th March edition of the Angling Trust Member News.     …

Fallen tree at Eardiston

Tree across car park track now removed.
We have had a report of a tree blown down across the access track to the car park at Eardiston (Teme). When we have removed the tree I will put an update on this post.   …

Chadbury Meadows fly tipping

Gate locked at Chadbury Meadows due to fly tipping.
Due to fly tipping at Chadbury Meadows in the last couple of days we have padlocked the gate (something we do over the close season to try and stop this). If members want to fish h…

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