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Arley Harbour car park

Car park at Arley Harbour is inaccessible and closed until further notice.
Due to the flooding of the Severn, the car park at Arley Harbour is inaccessible and closed until further notice.   

Footbridge down on the Teme

Footbridge from Stanford Bridge car park damaged by floods.
The footbridge leading upstream from our car park at Stanford Bridge has succumbed to the recent floods.  The local authority will be using our car park to recover the bridge, how…

Fladbury car park temporary closure CHANGE

The car park by the mill at Fladbury will be temporarily closed on Thursday morning 27th February, not the 20th as previously announced.
The land owner who owns the land alongside or car park by the mill at Fladbury is pollarding trees on their land there and has advised us that our members should not park there on…

Upper Severn fishing report

January 2020 fishing report for Upper Severn from Underdale to Aberbechan.
B.A.A Fishing Report for Upper Severn; Aberbechan/Penarth/Forden/Buttington Maginnis Bridge/Poolquay/Maesydd/Rhyddesgyn/Underdale.   Mike and Ann Wood Fishing Report 31 Januar…

Nafford car park lock

Lock fitted to Nafford car park gate
Following a report that the car park at Nafford is being used for drug dealing and antisocial behaviour the fisheries team have fitted a chain & padlock to the gate. This bring…

Holt Fleet parking and access

Canal and Rivers trust work on locks limiting parking and access for next 4-5 weeks.
Canal and Rivers Trust are currently carrying out work on the lock at Holt Fleet on the River Severn, for the next 4-5 weeks. Due to this work parking and access is limited. …

Tough winter river fishing

Check out this link, it's done on a BAA stretch of the Avon at Marlcliff.
Check out this link.  Jamie Robins of CADENCE FISHING UK.  He fishing the BAA Avon fishery at Marlcliff on a falling winter river.   …

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