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Stacklands access

Stacklands temporarily closed as field too wet to drive on.
The gate access to the field at Stacklands has been locked as it is very wet due to the recent flood. As soon as it is dry enough the gate will be unlocked and we will update this…

Bredon peg builds

Major peg replacement at Bredon.
During October, the Fisheries Team have been working at Bredon on the river Avon carrying out a major rebuild and repair of the pegs in meadows 1,2 and 3. 18 new pegs have been…

Bidford Bridge closure

Bidford Bridge closed for repair
The road bridge at Bidford is closed to traffic from Sat 23 Oct. for four weeks. This is to effect repairs following a vehicle damaging the bridge. Alternative river crossings are…

Fladbury on River Cams

Fladbury added to River Cams.
Severn Trent have have installed a flood monitoring Web Cam overlooking our car park at Fladbury. The feed from this webcam is available to view via the River Cams which can be…

Have you lost your phone?

Mobile phone found at Pensham.
Had a call this morning from someone reported to have found a mobile phone at Pensham. If the loser contacts the BAA office we can put them in touch with the finder. Cheers. …

Stacklands gate lock.

Lock fitted to entry gate.
BAA have fitted a cobination lock to the entrance gate to the track down to the car park at Stacklands. Please be aware that the gate is the landowners, so please make sure it is s…

Pershore padlocks

How to lock/unlock padlocks at Pershore.
The lock at Pershore has been tampered with again and has had to be replaced.  To help prevent this, will members please. Line the numbers up along the top. Re-lock the ga…

Eastham Bridge car park

Eastham Bridge car park now open.
The tree removal at Eastham Bridge car park is now completed and the car park is open for use. We are planning to do some fence work around the car park and create a new inset …

BAA website downtime

BAA website unavailable this weekend for 1-2 hours to apply a fix.
The BAA website will be unavailabe for 1-2 hours this weekend as a fix is applied for the security message some users have been receiving recently.   Sorry if this will caus…

Charlton track RE-OPENED

Charlton track to pump house NOW REOPENED.
The track down to the pump house at Charlton HAS NOW RE-OPENED AS THE RESURFACING WORK IS COMPLETED.   

Gone Fishing

Last one in series from Severn Stoke,
Don't forget to watch 'Gone Fishing' with Mortimer and Whitehouse this Sunday 3rd October at 8PM on BBC 2.   It's the last one in the series and was recorded on our Severn S…

Upper Severn fishing report September 2021

Aberbechan / Penarth / Abermule / Forden / Buttington / Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / Rhyddesgyn / Underdale
Cracking start to September, nice drop of water on about 9inch picking up at Aberbechan/Penarth down to Forden, one or two brown trout and grayling coming out to fly along with so…

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