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Padlock difficulties

Problems reported on padlocks at Arley Harbour and Nordley.
Problems have been reported with difficulty opening the padlocks on the gate to Arley Harbour car park and Nordley lower access gate. On investigation it was found that both lo…

Glasses found at Poolquay

Found, sunglasses in case in car park at Poolquay.
Found, sunglasses in case in car park at Poolquay. If they are yours, please leave your phone number with the BAA office at Hagley and they will put the bailiffs who found them in…

Landing net head found

A landing net head has been found at Grimley.
The ’head’ part of a landing net has been found at Grimley Worcester. If you are the owner please contract BAA HQ and they will put you in contact with the finder to arrange th…

BAA padlock and chain at Retreat Farm

BAA combination lock and chain to be fitted to main entry/exit gate at Retreat farm.
At the request of the land owner at Retreat Farm we will be fitting a chain and BAA combination padlock to the main gate tomorrow Wednesday 12th August 2020. As with all our ga…

Reel found at Forden

Reel found Saturday 8th August at Forden, if you have lost it, please contact the BAA Office with details of the reel and you phone number. Mike the local bailiff will then give y…

Evesham Fishing Festival 2020

Evesham Fishing Festival 2020
  For the first time in 42 years the event organisers have decided there will be NO tented /retail village, bar, food , craft stalls, etc, at the Evesham Angling Festival o…

Upper Severn fishing report July 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan/ Penarth/ Abermule/ Forden/ Buttington/ Maginnis Bridge/ Poolquay/ Maesydd/ Rhyddesgyn/ Underdale
Aberbechan/Penarth After a very long shut down its fantastic to see anglers back on our glorious waters on the upper Severn. What a start good catches of chub, dace, grayling b…

Wick footbridge

Footbridge from the car park across the brook at Wick in poor condition.
The footbridge from the car park across the brook at Wick is in poor condition, parts at either end are rotted and the centre section slopes, this makes walking and getting a trol…

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