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Stacklands hut used as toilet

Fishing hut at Stacklands being used as toilet.
We have received a report from our local bailiff at Stacklands that once again a very public area next to the fishing hut has been used as a toilet by someone. This is unpleasa…

Start and finish fishing times

Guidance for arrive and depart fishing times.
Our bailiffs tell us that the bye-laws regarding night fishing are sometimes being interpreted in different ways by our members, so here is some guidance to clarify them. BAA r…

Lost a bucket??

Lost bucket and reel now re-united with owner
Update:  The Bait bucket together with a reel that was found by our local bailiffs has been claimed and reunited with one of our members.  It’s always worth while checking o…

Glasses and keys found

Glasses at Blackrock. Keys at Ripple/Mythe
A pair of glasses have been found at Blackrock and a bunch of keys alongside the gate by the bridge on the access to Mythe/Ripple. If you were the owner of ether of these items…

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