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Powick Weir

EA response to issues raised by angling clubs regarding proposed removal of Powick Weir.
The PDF accessible via the link below is the official EA response to issues raised by concerned angling clubs in respect to the proposed removal of Powick Weir on the River Teme. …

Walcot East Lake closure

Walcot East Lake to be closed as BAA fishery from 1st January 2017.
Following the EU ban on the use of aquatic herbicides and subsequent years when the lake has been unfishable owing to the excess weed growth, it has been decided to close down the…

BAA HQ closed 29th & 30th Aug

BAA HQ will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August & Tuesday 30th August.
BAA HQ at Hagley will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th August, re-opening for business on Wednesday 31st August.

Eckington wasps

Angry wasp nest at Eckington
Our Fisheries Team were giving Eckington its second summer strim on Monday 15th August and found an angry wasp nest in the third peg into the field, unfortunately Spud got stung a…

Fladbury downstream track

New track built across downstream meadow
New stone track built across the downstream meadow at Fladbury Remember how it was trying to drive to the river across the downstream meadow at Fladbury?   Well the Fis…

The view from Jubilee Bridge 1905

Cropthorne flash-lock below Jubilee Bridge (Fladbury) in 1905
I thought members might be interested in this photo taken in 1905 from the Fladbury Jubilee Bridge looking downstream. It's the Old Cropthorne "Watergate" or "Flash lock". B…

2016 Evesham Festival

Evesham Festival 2016, August Bank Holiday Saturday 27th to Monday 29th.
Evesham Angling Festival is being held again this August Bank Holiday from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th. It's being held at its' usual location in Crown Meadow alongside the Ri…

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