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Apperley haircut

Apperley gets its' annual strim.
Hi, We gave Apperley Pool a good hair cut today Monday 25th July. We have cut a path all the way around the pool, I would suggest any member wishing to travel light and to d…


Les Taylor
I received the news from his son at the week end that Les Taylor had passed away last week.  A fine angler of his generation and a former Severn record holder for many years, a…

Nordley litter

Litter left at Nordley Pool 2
Hello everyone, I visited Nordley pools yesterday Tuesday 19th July, rubbish had been left all around pool 2. I collected over two black bin bags full of rubbish. If it i…

Fly tipping

Successful prosecution for fly tipping on our Cropthorne water.
A Mr Smith from a local caravan site has been prosecuted for fly tipping along the track to our Cropthorne waters. Don't forget to report Fly tipping to the local authority  an…

Charlton access

Improved vehicle access across fields to pump house.
Colin Townsend, Fisheries team member and bailiff reports that access across the field to the pump house at Cropthorne/Charlton meadows 4/5 has been repaired and is now car friend…

Stacklands locked gate

Report on FaceBook that gate padlock is jammed.
Paul Avfc Fallowfield (thanks Paul) has reported on the BAA Facebook page that the lock on the gate into the field at Stacklands is jammed and as a result anglers are having to pa…

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