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Arley Harbour parking

Parking temporarily unavailable
The gate to the car park at Arley Harbour was damaged by the many visitors to Arley when the lock down restrictions were eased and as a result, the farmer has put the dirt mound i…

Fallen tree at Forden

Removing a fallen tree from the Severn at Forden
After a large bankside oak had fallen across the Severn at Forden, local bailiffs Mike and Ann Wood worked with the local farmer to organise the removal of the tree, removing a la…

Welsh waters open from July 6th

BAA's Welsh waters will be open for angling from Monday 6th July.
Due to the easing of lock down restrictions by the Welsh Assembly, BAA's Welsh waters on the Severn at. Aberbechan and Penarth Abermule Forden Buttington Bridge Poo…

Buy the Guide to Waters 2021 on-line

You can now buy the BAA Guide to Waters 2021 booklet on-line separately without having to purchase membership.
A new link which allows the separate on-line purchase of the BAA Guide To Waters 2021 booklet has been placed on the BAA website home page in the WELCOME TO BIRMINGHAM ANGLERS ASSO…

Upper Severn fishing report June 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan /Penarth /Abermule /Forden /Buttington /Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / @Rhyddesgyn / Underdale
Aberbechan/Penarth The water levels on the upper Severn around this area are still critically low but with no fishing in Powys at the moment thats not a bad thing with how low …

Hallow access blocked-update

Blockage to access to the downstream car park at Hallow has been cleared.
A large branch that had fallen off an oak tree part way along the access track to the downstream car park at Hallow has now been removed and access is open again. The tree …

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