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Fladbury weir island locks

Update - members not locking/scrambling BAA locks recently fitted to access gates to weir island.
Following the relaxation of the Covid 19 lock down, the weir island at Fladbury has been inundated with day trippers, one Sunday an excess of 70 people were there. The land own…

Catch & release for Salmon extended.

Emergency Bye Law to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn extended to 15th December 2020.
The 2019 salmon stock assessment shows that stock levels for the River Severn catchment, continue to be significantly below conservation limits. The number of returning adult salm…

Fishery strimming delay

Delay in the summer strimming of our fisheries
Due to the following reasons the strimming of our fisheries is running late this year. The Lock Down on angling delayed the Fisheries team starting strimming. We have one Fis…

New upper Severn fishery

New Severn fishery at Abermule
The BAA has a new fishery on the upper Severn at Abermule, less than a mile downstream of our existing fishery at Aberbechan. Like our other fisheries in Wales, Abermule will b…

Upper Severn fishing report May 2020

Fishing Report For The Upper Severn Aberbechan /Penarth /Forden /Buttington /Maginnis Bridge / Poolquay / Maesydd / @Rhyddesgyn
Upper Severn fishing report May 2020 Aberbechan/Penarth From some of the worst floods on record during the first three months of 2020 to the dryest May on record our river is …

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