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Extra platforms on the Avon

Extra platforms at Marlcliff and Bidford
Now that the strimming season is over (summer is at an end!) the Fisheries Team were out last week at Marlcliff and Bidford building and repairing platforms. Marlcliff by the c…

Lost rod & reel

Lost rod and reel at Mythe Pool.
I have lost a Shimano spinning rod with a multiplier reel attached, somewhere near the entrance to Mythe Pool today 27th September. It fell off the roof of my car. I have been bac…

New water on the Severn

Additional water at Aberbechan
We have secured a lease on a new stretch of the river Severn adjoining our Aberbechan water. The stretch is immediately upstream of Aberbechan and includes Penarth weir, albeit fi…

Latest from the Environment Agency

Fishing licence autumn news
Click on the link below for the latest news from the Environment Agency.  …

Gates fitted at Stanford Bridge & Eardiston

Gates fitted across car park access at Stanford Bridge and Eardiston Mill.
Locked gates with the standard BAA lock code have been fitted across the car park entrances at Stanford Bridge and at Eardiston Mill (between the yellow goal posts). The BAA websi…

Hampton Loade Left Bank parking

Enforcing of parking charges by National Trust.
BAA members can park free of charge in the National Trust car park at Hampton Loade Left Bank. Recently the National Trust has increased the enforcement of payment of the car p…

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