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'Watch out, there's a bailiff about!'

BAA Bailiff activity for 2015
I'm please to inform you that our bailiffs have been more active than ever this year. We have around 80 volunteers, who do what they can and when they can to help prevent illegal …

Blackstone access now open

Level of Severn flood water has reduced and access is now open with care.
Thanks again to our local bailiff Rod Wilson who reports that the Blackstone Fishery is now open, HOWEVER the bank off the built road is very slippery and will be for some days.

Blackstone access flooded

Access to Blackstone Fishery under water due to Severn flood!
As a result of the Severn being in flood, the access track to Blackstone Fishery is under water.   Thanks, to our local bailiff Rod Wilson for supplying the info' and pictu…

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